Intermittent Pneumatic Compression

  • Recovery Pump Compression Boots
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    Recovery Pump Compression Boots

    The best 8 Chamber Recovery Pump Compression Boots, factory directly cost,with CE ROHS quality certificates, and 12 month warranty,could provide effective sequential and full compression therapy for athletes to rapid recovery from pain muscles, by removing lactic acid through...
  • Eye Care Massager
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    Eye Care Massager

    China Factory Directly Vibrating Air Pressure Heating Eye Care Massager VU-EM01
  • Lymphatic Drainage Machine For Home Use
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    Lymphatic Drainage Machine For Home Use

    Factory Directly Lymphatic Drainage Machine VU-IPC02 for Home Use Efficacy and Features : 1. Massage Care : Lymphatic Drainage Machine for Home Use has three different Intelligent Air Pressure fully massages on the legs/ arms/ waist to relieve tiredness, prevent DVT , and...
  • Lymphedema Pump For Arm
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    Lymphedema Pump For Arm

    Many people are suffering from lymphedema in arm or legs, how to improve such situation. We're the manufacturer to supply 6 chamber air compression lymphedema for arm, waist or legs, CE and RoHS quality certificate, 12 months warranty assurance, factory directly price,...
  • Compression Boots For Athletes
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    Compression Boots For Athletes

    After exercize, the athletes always feel pain in muscles, caused by the lactic acid buildup.The Compression Boots For Athletes could provide effective compression therapy for muscles,perfect for pre and post workouts, as well as rehabilitation. We are the manufacturer of the...
  • Leg Compression Pump
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    Leg Compression Pump

    The 6 Chamber Leg Compression Pump, with smaller pressure zones to provide more comfortable massage feeling, effectively increases blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, relieve tight sore muscles. We're the manufacturer to offer factory directly price, support...
  • Leg Recovery Boots
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    Leg Recovery Boots

    We're the manufacturer of the best 8 chamber leg recovery boots for blood and lymph circulation, with the CE approved recovery pump with 12 months warranty, with professional technician team to support after-sale survice, with research and develop team for developing new...
  • Circulation Improving Leg Wraps
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    Circulation Improving Leg Wraps

    We're the manufacturer of Air Compression Circulation Improving Leg Wraps, to supply durable recovery pump with 12-month warranty, attached with good-quality compression sleeves/ cuffs/ wraps, for improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage...
  • Massage Boots For Legs
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    Massage Boots For Legs

    Factory Directly Air Compression Massage Boots for Legs Recovery VU-IPC02, with 12 months warranty,available branding logo customized, mainly to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for home health care, to provide rapid recovery for athletes runners...
  • Six Chamber Air Compression Get Slim Massager
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    Six Chamber Air Compression Get Slim Massager

    We're the manufacturer to supply Six Chamber Air Compression Get Slim Massager equipments, providing healthy solutions to lose belly/ abdomen weight effectively through physiotherapy compression therapy, no-side effect, good for get slim body shape, and the Six Chamber Air...
  • Leg Massager For Blood Circulation
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    Leg Massager For Blood Circulation

    Factory directly economic Leg Massager For Blood Circulation, through providing air compression therapy for legs, arm or waist,to releive pain, eliminate edema, improve blood circulation and lymph fluid flow, to refresh and relax body...
  • Compression Therapy Machine
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    Compression Therapy Machine

    Best 8 Chamber Compression Therapy Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering different compression recovery boots with different cost, to promote blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, providing fast recovery/therapy for athletes from lactic acid muscles...
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As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of intermittent pneumatic compression in China, Weiyou Intelligent has been dedicated to this field for many years. and thanks to its reliable performance and low cost, our intermittent pneumatic compression is very popular among various customers. Please rest assured to buy.